Friday 16 August 2013

Mid Summer Update

The season is hurtling on and we at Alan McCabe Racing are keeping ourselves nice and busy.

We don't seem to be having quite so many runners at the moment, but that is mainly because we have cut down on numbers in order to concentrate more on  a better quality of horse. We have acquired some nice horses from the sales recently for a new owner and will be looking forward to seeing them on track in the not-too-distant future. Our established inmates are all doing well and many have enjoyed a brief mid-season break to keep them fresh and happy - it can be a long trek from March until November and many also will run a winter campaign, so keeping them in top form requires a little holiday now and then. At least there has been a bit more in the way of sunshine than last year's complete wash out of a summer.

Our mares and foals have thrived this year with a bit of sun on their backs. Loose Caboose and Well Of Echoes both look fantastic and are currently in foal to Stimulation and Saif, two stallions stood by our friends the Hodges at Llety Stud in Wales. Well Of Echoes' foal at foot ('Mandy') is by Stimulation and she is an absolute cracker. She's big and powerful with a lovely floating action and bears quite a resemblance to her grandpa, Choisir. She's also extremely cheeky, nosy and friendly and will boldly greet any visitor to the paddock. Loose Caboose's son 'Pete' is by Bertolini and is a bit more of a mummy's boy. Loose Caboose is a very loving and nurturing mother and her offspring have a tendency to hang onto her apron strings a little, but Pete is starting to get a bit braver and can often be seen challenging Mandy in a jokey game of Top Dog. I love having them close to home and have watched them develop daily, which is very satisfying.

Also close to home is Follow The Flag who is retired....for now. Flag is part of the furniture here, like old man Cornus and they will both have a home for life. However, I do not believe that Flag's retirement is permanent and fully expect him to return to training, probably over the winter when he can have a few spins on the all-weather instead of eating hay in a chilly field. One thing is certain - he will never ever do anything he doesn't want to, so rest assured if you do see him on a racecourse this winter, it will be entirely his own choice!